Where Does Your Money Go?

At In His Presence Church we practice giving as a lifestyle. When we receive tithes or offerings from our members, or donations from those who watch us online or through our T.V. Ministry, we not only use those funds to help grow our church, but we also use them to bless other ministries that we are involved with. Most of the ministries we work with originated from people in our congregation, who saw a need in the world, and then stepped in themselves to meet that need. 

When you give to In His Presence Church your money goes to the different ministries within the church to help support them and cause them to grow these ministries include:

Praise & Worship
IHP Kidz
In His Presence Youth
Champions Net Worth
School of Ministry
T.V. Ministry
Men's Ministry
Women's Ministry
Marriage Builders

Along with the ministries here at the church that are fundamental in church growth and outreach, we also support other Ministries around the world. Those ministries include:

Eastern Sky
Mutual Faith (We help support their many outreaches in Lebanon, Africa & Costa Rica)
New Life
Samaritans House (In the Philippines)
Thailand Mission
ZOE (Thailand)

We encourage you to partner with us in blessing our house, along with these other ministries we support. God is doing a good work, not just here in America, but all over the world. We are excited that you would join us and declare the blessings of God over you for your support.

We bless you. We love you.

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