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In His Presence Church has had the exciting opportunity of being on Broadcast Television through the church channel. We hope you join us as we preach the Word of God throughout all the world. We know this message of life will be a blessing to you and your family. We receive letters from all over the world about how this broadcast has touched and transformed lives. From nations in Africa, the Middle East, and even right here in America stories are pouring in of God's faithfulness and love towards his people because of the message we have been sharing.

It has been such a blessing to us to here all these wonderful stories and we hope that we can be a blessing to you too. So tune in and let's get closer to God together.

For broadcast times visit our When To Watch page.
To view past shows on itbn.org just click HERE

Pastor Desiree has a new book out titled, "Beyond the Flame". If you haven't heard her testimony on how God radically transformed and healed her then get a copy today. We believe it will be such a blessing to you and will help build your faith to believe God for the impossible.

To purchase her new book "Beyond the Flame" click HERE to go to our bookstore. We know you'll be blessed.

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