Marriage Builders ministry provides encouragement and support for marriages and pre-marrieds.  Through the love, power and grace of Jesus Christ, we believe IHPC marriages should be strong, joyful and an example of God's power in our lives.  


If you're engaged, or thinking about marriage, we offer "Helping You Say I Do' classes.  These classes cover subjects on:

* Communication

* Covenant, Celibacy & Sex

* Leaving & Cleaving and Submission

* Finances

2012: Helping you Say “I Do” - Oct. 21st - Nov.11th - 2012
2013: Helping you Say “I Do” - Apr. 21st - May 12th - 2013


If you're married and in need of counseling, or just want to strengthen your marriage, we offer 'Love on the Rock'.  In these classes we will be discussing important issues that many marriages struggle with.

* Communication

* Sex

* Overcoming Hardships

* Finances


2012: Love on the Rock - Sept. 23rd - Oct. 14th - 2012

2013: Love on the Rock  -  Jan. 20th - Feb.10th - 2013



All Classes will begin at 1:15pm and be held in Room 7.



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